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What is intellectual property?

So, what exactly is intellectual property?

Is it discoveries, brands, designs, music, composition, monopolies, exclusivity, art, literature, inventions, words, symbols etc?


Yes! It is all that, and much more. 

With a unique IP right, you get exclusive rights, 

that in turn leads to a competitive edge over your competitors, 

which then leads to success and returns of revenue.

Intellectual Property = Exclusivity through Uniqueness

So, why is IP important? Let's simplify that as well:

Intellectual Property = Creations of the mind

To simplify the concept:

Intellectual property exists in many forms

Inventions  -  Brands  -  Designs  -  Works  -  Websites & many others

Intellectual property covers a wide spectrum of areas.


Different types of IP corresponds to different forms of protection for your creations.

IP Right

What It Protects

How it works

What it's called

How it looks

Expression of ideas into tangible form



Trade Marks

Industrial Designs


Domain Names


Trade Mark


Domain Name

Industrial Designs

Functions of the plane

Brand of the Maker

Magazines, Artwork

Website of the Maker

Shape of the plane

 ONE Product, MANY Rights 

Most importantly, remember – one product can have many different intellectual property rights!

Looking for the RIGHT rights? 

Explore the various IP rights and find what you're looking for.


Patents protect inventions, or quite simply, how things work.

Inventions are a solution to a problem in field of technology.

The word patent originates from the Latin patere, which means “to lay open”.

Patents are a set of exclusive rights granted for a limited period of time, in exchange for full disclosure of the invention to the public.

In addition to patents, Malaysia also allows for utility innovations, it is essentially a “minor” invention.