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What Is Intellectual Property?

  • Intellectual Property (IP) are the creations of the mind that can be used to one's benefit.

  • There are different types of intellectual property: trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyright, geographical indications, domain names, integrated circuit design, plant variety protection, trade secrets.

  • One product can have many IP rights.

What is the Importance of Protecting Your Intellectual Property?

Protects against External Threats

Not only does registering your IP protect your creations, it also wards off competitors who wish to enter the same marketplace as you, and prevents your rights from being infringed.

Turn Creations into Profit-making Assets

Registering & putting your IP to use is key in helping to generate income for your business, especially through licensing, franchising, sales & commercialization of the protected goods / services.

Gives your Business the Upper Hand

IP helps set your business apart from your competitors and promote them to your customers. It also increases the credibility of your brand and generates trust in your product / service.

Different types of intellectual property protect different aspects of things. Not sure what you have, and which category they fall into?

Some general guidelines are as follows

(hover over the assets your product / service has to determine the type of protection available)


Brand name
Literary, Musical, artistic works
sound recordings









Business & IP

Intellectual property can act as a source of revenue for your business, when you do the following:-

Step 1



Step 2

Conduct a yearly IP health check to ensure a clean bill of health + identify any potential new / unidentified assets 


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Personalized services from a team of diverse & experienced professional

Our team of professionals work cohesively to tailor our services and advise to your needs and expectations.

Business-centric mindset with a focus on commercializable intellctual property

Intellectual property is all about business. Our goal is to help you own IP that you can use to generate revenue.


We manage all aspects of your intellectual property needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you IP is in the hands of the expert!

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