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What Is Intellectual Property?

  • Intellectual Property (IP) are the creations of the mind that can be used to one's benefit.

  • There are different types of intellectual property: trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyright, geographical indications, domain names, integrated circuit design, plant variety protection, trade secrets.

  • One product can have many IP rights.

What is the Importance of Protecting Your Intellectual Property?

Protects against External Threats

Not only does registering your IP protect your creations, it also wards off competitors who wish to enter the same marketplace as you, and prevents your rights from being infringed.

Turn Creations into Profit-making Assets

Registering & putting your IP to use is key in helping to generate income for your business, especially through licensing, franchising, sales & commercialization of the protected goods / services.

Gives your Business the Upper Hand

IP helps set your business apart from your competitors and promote them to your customers. It also increases the credibility of your brand and generates trust in your product / service.

Different types of intellectual property protect different aspects of things. Not sure what you have, and which category they fall into?

Some general guidelines are as follows

(hover over the assets your product / service has to determine the type of protection available)




Trademarks are the face of your products /services, helping people to identify them.

Brand name



Protects the inventive kernel of a process or product.


industrial design


Protects the unique shape, configuration, pattern, or ornamentation of your product.



Literary, Musical, artistic works

Protects expressions of ideas into tangible form.

sound recordings



What Is a Trademark?

A trademark is the face of your product and is what differentiates your product / service from other similar products / services.

Why File Trademark?

Exclusive Rights through Registration

Help Sell Products / Services

Builds Brand Association & Loyalty

  • Trademark protection grants the owner the exclusive right to use the mark for the product / services under that registration.

  • With renewal once every 10 years, trademark protection is essentially perpetual! 

  • Consumers often remember products / services by their brand name, it's the easiest way!

  • Trademarks help identify and distinguish them from that of your competitors.

  • Advertising, word of mouth marketing and loyalty to your products / services helps your brand become household names and achieve well-known status! 

When Should You Register Your Trademark?

As soon as possible! Your trademark might be taken by another person, just like that!

What Is The Process Of Registering A Trademark?

Appeal to High Court



Opposition Proceeding

Trademark Application



Search & Examination

Advertisement in Gazette

Issuance of Registration Certificate




No opposition


Opposing party successful

Opposing party unsuccessful

Trademark Availability Search (optional)


Appeal to High Court

Written Appeal and/or Ex-parte Hearing




  • A smooth trademark application (without any objection) takes approximately 1 - 1.5 years from application date to obtain registration.

  • A trademark, upon registration is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of registration. The trademark is valid in perpetuity, with a payment of renewal fees once every 10 years.

Have a trademark you wish to register? A question to ask us?



What Is A Patent?

Patents protect the way things work.

Why File Patents?

Exclusive Rights through Registration

Barrier to Entry - Competition

Marketing value

  • Patent protection grants the owner exclusive rights to exploit their patented products / processes for a limited term of 20 years.

  • Patent allows patent owners to carve out a piece of territory in that field of technology and prevents competition and infringement.

  • Patents can be utilized as a marketing tool. Products marked with "Patent Pending" creates value and a sense of quality.

  • Products / processes protected by patents are a good indication that a company is a reputable company that takes importance and care in safeguarding its intellectual property assets.

When Should You Register Your Patent?

As soon as possible! The Invention must be new, not just in Malaysia but worldwide.

What Is The Process Of Obtaining a Grant for Patent?

Prior Art Search


Patent Drafting &


Issuance of Certificate of Filing

Not accepted





Response to Examination



Preliminary Examination

Request for Substantive Examination


Substantive Examination

Clear Examination Report &

Issuance of Certificate of Grant


Advertisement in

IP Journal

  • A patent application typically takes approximately 3 - 5 years to proceed to grant based on a smooth application.

  • Typically, however, the Examiner will usually raise objections that the Applicant (or its agent) will need to address and respond to. 

  • A patent, upon grant is protected for a maximum period of 20 years from the date of filing, with payment of annuities (renewals) on a yearly basis.

Have a patent you wish to register? A question to ask us?



What Is an industrial Design?

  • Industrial designs protect the appearance of a product, in particular its shape & configuration (3-D) and/or pattern & ornamentation (2-D).

  • It differentiates your product from other similar products and prevents others from utilizing similar / identical shapes of products.

Why File Industrial Designs?

Exclusive Rights through Registration

Help Sell Products


  • Industrial design protection grants the owner exclusive rights to exploit the design for a maximum of 25 years.

  • An attractive design that only you possess gives you a leading edge over your competitors!

  • Patent can be utilized as a marketing tool. Products marked with "Patent Pending" creates value and a sense of quality.

  • Products / processes protected by patents are good indication that a company is a mature company that takes importance and care in safeguarding its intellectual property assets.

  • Consumers that are enamoured by the design of the product will continue to support both the product and the brand, which translates to brand loyalty.

When Should You Register Your Industrial Design?

As soon as possible! An industrial design must be new, not just in Malaysia but worldwide.

What Is The Process Of Registering Industrial Design?

Appeal to 
High Court

Industrial Design




Not accepted

Formality Examination






Advertisement in IP Journal

  • An industrial design application typically takes approximately 1 - 2 years from application through registration.

  • An industrial design, upon registration is given an initial protection of 5 years from the date of filing, and is extendable a further 4 times, of 5 years each, summing up to 25 years protection in total.

Have an industrial design you wish to register? A question to ask us?



What Is Copyright?

  • Protects expressions of ideas in a tangible form.

  • Extends across many different areas: literary works, musical works, artistic works, films, sound recordings, broadcasts, derivative works.

  • It arises as of creation, and is a non-registrable right in Malaysia.

  • Copyright owners can enter a notification of copyright into the Copyright Register through the Voluntary Copyright Notification System.

Why Enter A Notification of Copyright Into The Copyright Register?

Protect Copyrighted Works

Formal Evidence In Times of Challenge

  • Owners of copyright works have exclusive rights to control their work.

  • In times of challenge, the Notification of Copyright assists as evidence asserting the ownership claim of the Copyright owner who deposited the work, in the event of infringement by third parties of the work created.

When Should You Enter A Notification of Copyright Into The Copyright Register?

There is no fixed timeline, nor is it compulsory, hence it should be done as soon as practicable.

Duration Which Copyright Subsists

Generally, copyright subsists for the life of the author with the addition of 50 years after his death.

Wish to Enter a Copyright Notification? A question to ask us?

Business & IP

Intellectual property can act as a source of revenue for your business, when you do the following:-

Step 1



Step 2

Conduct a yearly IP health check to ensure a clean bill of health + identify any potential new / unidentified assets 


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