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Intellectual property as an asset

A fact often overlooked or forgotten is one of the most important facts of all – that intellectual property is an asset, an intangible asset. As business owners start to familiarize themselves with IP, some often think that protecting IP is like pouring money into a dark abyss in exchange for a piece of paper that does not seem to do very much from the outset. Some even think that once their IP assets are registered, the benefits and income should start rolling in. Why the misconception?


Just like any other asset, IP must be used in order to reap its benefits, and IP assets that are left stagnant do not bring any value or benefits to the owner. There is no point hoarding a cavern of IP rights, all polished and gleaming, if they are not put to use, they cannot gain you a competitive advantage or any benefits to you or your business.


It is not what you own that is key, but how you use it.


Business owners must inject their IP assets into their business, and let their IP assets work for them, be it in an aggressive (sword) or defensive (shield) mode. It is only then that they will truly see the strength and benefits of their creations.


Protect your intellectual creations, Use your IP assets, Reap its rewards and benefits.

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