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Intellectual property services

IP is unique, and so are we. We embrace the concepts of IP as part of our way of doing business, creating innovative solutions and injecting them into the various services that we provide to our customers.


We provide a wide, yet exclusive range of services that cuts across all areas of intellectual property. We believe the services we provide should give you peace of mind, leaving you with the freedom to operate and grow your business. Our integrated approach to IP allows us to become more pro-active and protective yet strategic in managing your IP portfolio for better business results, and thus minimizes loss of your valuable management time and resources.


Where required, we are well versed and experienced in customizing a package of services that is formulated according to your needs, budgets and requirements.


In order to learn more about our services, feel free to browse our offerings below:-



If you are new to IP, and don’t know where to start, we’re here for you.


If you have been in business for a while, but never thought about IP, we’re here for you too.


And if you think you have something special that no one else seems to have, we’re definitely here for you.


Advanz Fidelis can assist you in identifying IP assets within your business that may have yet to be identified. We will walk through this process with you step by step, and will thereafter assist in conducting the intellectual property audit on your business, to identify and reveal any and all  intellectual property assets.


Once the identification process is complete, a further discussion can be held to discuss the next step, and to make decisions on whether to proceed to the protection phase.



The protection of IP assets is one of our core services, and is one of the most important services you will need to select.


Protection of IP assets entails the filing and registering of your intellectual property rights with the governing authority, which in Malaysia is the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).


Successful registration of IP rights grants the owner exclusive rights for that particular trade mark/design/invention, allowing them to fully exploit these rights and creating a higher barrier to entry for competitors. The protection of these rights however, is not as simple as it seems, as there are many nuances and considerations that need to be addressed in order to obtain the best optimized protection.


As with all services, the selection of a good service provider is the starting point from which your IP asset will launch, grow and flourish.


At Advanz Fidelis, we focus on ensuring that we understand your needs and requirements. We then focus on crafting a protection strategy that works best for you, and that sits well with your budget. We firmly believe in making things simple for you, and ensure that complex and complicated matters are broken down for you to easily understand.


We focus on deriving the best value from your IP protection and expansion strategies, and are always on hand to guide you through each step of the process.



Identify your IP, Protect your IP, Exploit your IP.


If you’ve completed these three steps, chances are that you are starting to enjoy the benefits that the exclusivity brings through your IP assets. It does not mean that this will be everlasting.


Remember – certain IP assets have a shelf life, after the expiry, it is open for all to exploit.


Just as you reap the rewards of the successful exploitation of IP assets, so too must you start to plan for the future. Continued research and development, and innovation of the existing products/services is essential towards you keeping one step ahead of your competition. In addition, with new innovations and R&D comes new IP rights that can be further protected, thus increasing the strength and size of your IP portfolio.


Advanz Fidelis is committed towards the continued development of existing IP rights, and in the course of our interactions and working with you, we will actively continue to identify upcoming/arising new potential IP assets and will bring them to your attention promptly.



You now have a large treasure chest teeming with IP assets. But wait…just how much IP assets do you have? Where am I covered, just in Malaysia, or globally? How much am I spending to maintain these assets? Should I remove some of them?


These are just some of the questions that we regularly receive from our clients. As IP assets continue to grow and expand to countries worldwide, management of the IP portfolio becomes an important part of your business. Here’s where we would like to help – by managing your portfolio from our office, you have the security of knowing that your portfolio is in good hands, and for any question that you have, we are just but one short call/email away.


Thinking of expanding your portfolio, but not sure how and where? Let us help you plot a course. We have established strategic alliances and built up a network of like-minded associates worldwide to help you conquer the world. We ensure that our choice of associates provides confidence to you, and that they share the same values, visions and aims as we do.


You can be guaranteed that both we and our associates adhere to the highest standards of professionalism in managing your IP portfolios.


Focus on doing what you know best – running your business, and let us do what we do best – safeguarding your IP portfolio.



Disagreement over an agreement? Found imitation copies of your product in the marketplace? Slapped with an alleged patent infringement?


Not everyday will be smooth sailing – there will be times where your IP assets will be challenged, or that you will need to challenge others.


When thinking of disputes, people often relate this to court-related action and to parties facing off in court, armed with their respective lawyers. This is not a false statement, rather a misconception that disputes are all about the courts and the lawyers.  


At Advanz Fidelis, we try to resolve disputes before it even goes anywhere near the courtroom. Miscommunications, misunderstandings, misguidance – are often the reasons why matters end up in disputes. Utilizing our years of experience in dispute resolution, we bring both sides of the picture together, and try to resolve disputes between parties amicably and with both parties being satisfied with the results. We use different approaches for each case, and our team spends time discussing and trying out new, innovative solutions that will be beneficial to this area of service. We find that 80%-90% of these cases are solved outside the walls of the courtroom.


Where it comes to your rights being infringed, we act aggressively, and are very focused in ensuring that the matter is resolved expeditiously and that no damage to the quality and reputation of your IP is incurred.


Where matters end up in court, our role transitions to being your strategic advisor. We will assist your selected lawyer (or you may utilize our experienced panel of lawyers) in the direction of the case, and will provide key strategies and practical advice that will assist the lawyer in managing the case.


Our team, with its combined experience and expertise, are on hand to resolve disputes in all areas of intellectual property, be it tackling issues with alleged infringers, being the recipient of an alleged infringement action, or carrying out assertive actions to prevent others from riding on the reputation of other people’s hard earned IP assets.


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Advanz Fidelis provides a host of other services apart from the core IP services that have been elaborated. These are summarized as follows:-


IP Education

We strongly believe that continued education and awareness is key to building a culture that is IP aware and that realizes the important of all assets. We are well versed in conducting training courses and seminars on a variety of IP topics and at different difficulty levels. Our ability to condense complicated topics and concepts into a simple, easy to understand and practical form has been a successful formula for our IP education programs. Where required, we customize programs according to your needs and the participants, so as to deliver the best value for your educational budget.


We have completed educational programs for large and small corporations, government agencies, statutory bodies as well as for business associations and research institutions.


IP Commercialization

The commercialization of IP rights is a key step to achieving success and return of investment on the development costs for the IP rights. It is often the case that individuals or companies with IP assets don’t have the necessary tools, networks or skills to bring their IP to the stage of commercialization, and these crucial bankable assets are left to waste.


We have, and continue to build, our channels and networks to potential investors and partners that may be keen to invest in these IP assets. Being business oriented specialists, we are adept with speaking the language of investors as well as inventors, and can help to bridge these investors with suitable clients that have potential IP rights for commercialization.