Jane Leong

Senior Consultant - China Desk & Trademarks



Jane serves as a Senior Consultant of Trademarks, with a focus on clients from China and Chinese speaking clients. She has a background in business administration, having obtained a Diploma from Systematic College Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prior to joining Advanz Fidelis, Jane worked in established corporations in Malaysia and Singapore, and possesses experience spanning over 20 years.



  • English

  • Bahasa Malaysia

  • Mandarin

  • Cantonese
Key Skills


Jane is an integral part of the operations of the Trademarks Department, functioning both as a consultant and overall portfolio administrator.


In her day to day work, Jane regularly deals with pre-trademark filing advice through to the filing of trademarks, the drafting and vetting of specifications of goods and services, and the monitoring of trademarks from its filing through to the issuance of the Registration Certificate. Jane also manages other aspects of the client trademark portfolios, and ensures that the records are kept up to date and that regular check ups are done on pending matters. With her experience in business management, Jane brings with her a wealth of experience in the management of the larger trademark portfolios, which she manages with her keen organisation skills.


In her role as Section Head, and combined with her fluency in Chinese dialects, Jane focuses on clients from China and Chinese speaking clients. Together with Siew Ling, Jane communicates with and manages these clients in ensuring that their needs and expectations are met and fulfilled.




  • Diploma in Executive Secretaryship and Corporate Administration, Stamford Regent School of Economics and Stamford College, Malaysia

  • Diploma in Business Administration, Systematic College, Malaysia




Jane enjoys travelling to look for good food and exploring new places. She enjoys connecting with others, meeting with friends and spending weekends with family members. She also has a continuing passion of learning from other people.

Key Areas


  • Trademark prosecution 

  • Trademark administration