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Other intellectual property rights

Whilst we have discussed the main IP rights that most people would encounter in their business or daily lives, there are a number of other IP rights that are also equally important, but not often spotted or recognized from the outset. These are briefly elaborated here.


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Geographical Indications

What is it?

Geographical Indications (GI) is a sign used on products produced in a certain place and which possesses the characteristics, quality or reputation of a certain place or region.

In short, GIs are special as the products derives its qualities/reputation from the place where it is grown.



Champagne, Mozarella Cheese etc.


Malaysian Examples:-

Sarawak Pepper, Bario Rice, Borneo Virgin Coconut Oil, Sabah Tea 


Act & Regulations – Geographical Indications Act 2000 & Goegraphical Indications Regulations 2001

Why is it important?

GIs are a community right – it is not owned by one person/association, but is owned by the growers/producers of the region that is stated within the GI application. The GI may be used by all growers/producers in the region for labelling their product, thus giving them the ability to differentiate their product from other offerings, and creating an exclusive product from the particular region. This in turn allows them to premium price the products, and thereby create more income for these producers/growers. 

Confidential Information

What is it?

Confidential information means privileged communication/undisclosed information that has commercial value, and which must be protected against any breaches of confidentiality. Confidential information is relevant where one decides to keep a process a secret rather than to protect it by way of a patent (which is published 18 months after the filing date). 

Why is it important?

Where companies choose to keep information as confidential, the information must be sufficiently important (i.e. have commercial value) and must have involved some thought or effort on the part of the person with the idea, and reasonable steps must have been taken i.e. trade secret program etc., to protect the confidentiality of the information. 

Plant Variety Protection

What is it?

Also known as ‘Plant Breeders’ Rights’, it is an exclusive right granted to breeders of new varieties of plants in order to exploit their granted new varieties and to pursue further innovations to maintain the sustainability of the plant, i.e. for the children. 


Act & Regulations – Protection of New Plant Varieties Act 2004 & Protection of New Plant Varieties Regulations 2008

Why is it important?

Plant Variety Protection allows for growers to have access to new and improved varieties of crops, thereby allowing for better crop yields, the ability for them to pursue further innovations on the plant variety, and to allow for the recognition of the contribution from farmers, local communities and indigenous people. 

Layout Design of Integrated Circuits

What is it?

Where an original layout design for integrated circuits and chips is created, protection can be conferred on these designs via Layout Design of Integrated Circuits. In Malaysia, protection of circuit layouts is relatively new, and current protection is for 15 years after the date of creation of the design. 


Act & Regulations – Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits Act 2000

Why is it important?

Where the layout design of the circuit has a value in optimizing the performance of the circuits/chips, this can lead to further improvements in this industry. As such, owners should take the opportunity to protect themselves against any potential infringers, as well as to monopolize the market with their valuable layout designs. 

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