Pey Shy, Liew

Supervisor - Patents



Pey Shy is a supervisor of the Patents team in Advanz Fidelis. Prior to her current role as supervisor, she served as the Department Head of the Technical & Operational Efficiency Department at Advanz Fidelis, and oversees projects for the improvement of operational efficiency and business growth. She has spent close to 15 years in the intellectual property field, and comes from a background of chemical engineering, having graduated with honours from a Bachelors Engineering (Chemical) degree from the University of Adelaide, Australia. Pey Shy joined Advanz Fidelis in its infancy, and has seen it grow to its vibrant self over the course of her time here.


Pey Shy was a Registered Patent Agent of Malaysia.

Key Skills


As a supervisor to the Patents team, Pey Shy assists Debbie, the Department Head of Patents in overseeing the smooth operations of the department. With her experience in the intellectual property field, she is one of the first go-to person whenever problems and difficulties arises.  ​

  • Leads team in streamlining and improvement of processes & operations at Advan Fidelis

  • Development of effective communications and workflows, internally and externally

  • Leads software development team in the development of proprietary database management system, FORTIS

  • Patent invalidation opinion & freedom to operate analysis

  • Patent work in the fields of organic chemistry, biotechnology and polymer technology



  • English

  • Bahasa Malaysia

  • Mandarin

  • Cantonese

Key Areas


  • Systems analysis

  • Operational processes

  • Patent infringement analysis

  • Freedom to operate searches



  • B.Eng.(Hons) Chemical Engineering, University of Adelaide, Australia

  • Registered Patent Agent of Malaysia




In her spare time, Pey Shy enjoys reading and watching television. She also spends time outdoors with her dog, jogging, trekking and cycling.  Her curiosity also takes her to the online realm, where she regularly seeks out interesting articles and topics of interest to read.

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