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What are trademarks?

In simple terms, a trademark is the face of your product.


It helps people identify your product.


It differentiates your product from other similar products. 

Why are trademarks important?

Exclusive Rights through Registration

Trademark protection (by registering the trademark) grants the owner the exclusive right to use the mark for the product/services under that registration.


With a renewal once every 10 years, trademark protection is essentially perpetual! 

They Help Sell Products & Services

As the face of your product/service, trademarks help identify and distinguish your products/services from that of your competitor.


Consumers often remember products/services by their brand name, it’s the easiest way!


Quality products/services lead to recognition, loyalty, and value being added to your brand (trademark). 

With good products/services comes loyalty and brand recognition, naturally! Consumers start to attach a particular quality and standard to your product/service.


Advertising, word of mouth marketing, and just plain loyalty to the product/service will help your brands become household names, and achieve well-known status! 

Brand Association & Loyalty

Trademarks in Malaysia

Key Points on the trademark system in Malaysia:-

  • Act & Regulations - Malaysia Trademarks Act 2019 & Malaysia Trademarks Regulations 2019 which came into force on 27 December 2019. Read more about the Trademarks Act and Regulations 2019 here.

  • Multi-Class System – an application may encompass 1 mark in many classes

  • Classification – Malaysia utilizes the 11th edition of the Nice classification

  • Duration – Upon registration, a mark remains valid for ten years from the date of registration, and, with payment of renewal fees once every ten (10) years, may remain valid in perpetuity

  • Madrid System – Malaysia has acceded to the Madrid system on 27 September 2019

How do I file a trademark in Malaysia

 As with all IP rights, trademarks are territorial. This means registration in Malaysia is limited to coverage in Malaysia.

In order to file a trademark in Malaysia, we will need the following:-

  • Name & Address of the Applicant

  • Representation of the mark

  • Class(es) of interest – You need to identify the categories of goods/services for which you seek trade mark protection

  • Specification – Based on the class(es) of interest, a specification with details of the specific goods/services in the chosen category (class) will need to be provided. We can of course assist in selecting / drafting the trademark specification


How Advanz Fidelis can help

We have a full range of trademark services that can cater towards your needs.


New business looking for brand protection?


Established business with valuable brands?


Multinational company with worldwide portfolio?


Small enterprise infringement issues?




We handle all of the above on a regular basis.


Talk to us today, and do allow us the opportunity to be of service.