Yen Fern, Low

Department Head - 

Finance & Administration



Yen Fern serves as the Department Head of Finance and Administration at Advanz Fidelis, and holds a degree in Accounting.


Prior to joining Advanz Fidelis, Yen Fern worked for many years as an accounts manager at a large multinational company, and was one of the first few to join Advanz Fidelis during its early years of operations.



  • English

  • Bahasa Malaysia

  • Mandarin

  • Cantonese

  • Hokkien
Key Skills


  • Office operations & administration

  • Management of company accounts & financials

  • Human resource administration & management




  • London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI)- Accounting

Key Areas


  • Accounts & Finance

  • General Administration

  • Human Resource Management


Outside of work, Yen Fern’s interests include going on food hunts around Malaysia, swimming, watching movies, and reading. She is also very family-oriented - cooking, travelling, shopping and just spending quality time with family. She is passionate about nurturing young minds, and where possible, volunteers her time towards charitable work and causes.